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A group hug with 25 little ones aged 6 and 7 is quite overwhelming. I just entered the classroom and they all jumped up to throw me around my neck. After the commotion, the English lesson continues. Teacher Jenet teaches the numbers in English. Just before this I saw a number of boys from the next class waiting at the gate. One of them jumped over the wall to open the gate for me. The children give me a ‘box’, as a greeting, they learned that from Frisbee. New groups have already started in the village with young recruits. I can really see that the attention is good for the children. Children from other villages are also eager to participate in the center. I am often approached by children who also want to participate in the center. Just like Saleem, who I meet at the market. He calls my name…

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In March there is usually beautiful spring weather here and a great time to have a picnic with the children. The children enjoyed it immensely. For some, this was perhaps the best day of their lives. Get away from the poor ‘tent life’.

In March we had a real party; a Family Run for young and old. Together with our partners Panaga we organized a running competition. About 600 participants had registered. The week before, the children from the center had cleaned the verges along the route. On the day itself it rained a bit, but that didn’t spoil the fun. The video gives an impression of this day.

Moqimi is a year further along and in this report you can see how your support has helped us. Check it out

The jewelry workshop was a welcome break from the daily grind. Different groups participated in the workshops. The Frisbee girls and the Shine girls went to work full of enthusiasm. The ladies participating in the language lessons were also unstoppable, so many beads and colors. Everyone went home afterwards with a set of earrings, bracelets and necklace. Often not much attention is given to making things beautiful, especially if the emphasis is always on surviving and living on a scarce income. But with this workshop, even the most depressed in the group can create something beautiful and come home for a while from the hassles. Watch the video here

What a crazy mess it was. The distribution of 230 shoes went well. Every child in the children’s center could go home with a set of new walkers. Got a good look at shoe sizes now…. saw and measured all 230 pairs of feet of the children.