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your support is still needed

There are currently four Iraqi employees working at the center. They depend on our financial support. Every month we want to continue to support ten families with food packages and other humanitarian aid.

Your donation is very welcome. If you would like to give for a specific cause or project, please contact us. For example, if you specifically want to support the Shine programs or save for food packages.

take action

We can only help children if you help. Every contribution makes a difference in the future of the Yazidi children in Iraq and the more people who support us, the more children get a fair chance at a future.

The Moqimi Foundation has an activities committee that regularly organizes fundraising campaigns such as; oil bulb sale, plant action, autumn fair, etc. We need your help to keep these promotions going. Sign up and help as a volunteer.

We also welcome other ideas. Do you want to set up your own action, for example with your own church or youth club? Then we can
help you with brochures or other material. We are happy to come by to give a presentation.

For example you can:

✔ run a marathon and get yourself sponsored by family and friends
✔ organize a benefit concert or dinner
✔ bake cakes and sell them
✔ hold a sponsorship campaign at school

Companies have an impact

A company or organization – national or international – can make a major impact in a simple and appropriate way. You can support us financially or by supplying goods or services. For example, in fundraising campaigns we often depend on the cooperation of companies to sponsor us with their products and services. We would like to get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

In addition, you and your colleagues can take action for Yazidi children. Organize a gala dinner, a party or event, a company outing, an anniversary.

Join us

Interested? Sign up to participate in fundraising campaigns.

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